This Wall Street legend loves cryptocurrencies: Aave and Polkadot, the princes of DeFi soon on the stock market?

One fund to rule them all – So far, the Grayscale investment fund has mainly focused on the cryptocurrencies that are best established in the ecosystem. But that position is changing, with the potential addition of many projects.

Grayscale takes on DeFi

With currently $ 25 billion in assets under management, Grayscale has so far primarily targeted high-profile cryptocurrencies.

However, the firm seems to want to broaden its offer , by offering new products based on other cryptos.

After recently completing the documents relating to the creation of new funds for BAT, LINK, XTZ, MANA, LPT and FIL tokens, it is the turn of several tokens from Bitcoin Storm or competitors to Ehtereum to be explored.

Thus, Grayscale filed 5 new files for the following cryptocurrencies:

As we can see, this selection of projects is very heterogeneous. Indeed, it presents DeFi projects , such as the decentralized lender Aave, as well as smart contract blockchains , competing with Ethereum, such as Polkadot, Cosmos or Cardano.

Interesting point: where many exchange platforms choose to remove anonymizing cryptocurrencies, Grayscale makes the choice to explore Monero .